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Scott Catamas

Thank you for visiting my web site & exploring what I have to offer to you! I enjoy my work immensely, as it brings me the greatest joy to help others to be fulfilled. We all want to have better relationships! These tools can save marriages, or help new relationships build a solid foundation. If [...]


Praises for Love Coach Scott

“Scott is a masterful guide in the intimate realms of the heart. I HIGHLY recommend his workshop for any beloveds who have experienced a loss of love in relationship. You can find the flame again… it’s not lost, it’s only hidden… and Scott can help you to re-discover and re-kindle the flame… or simply help [...]


The Art of Compassionate Connections: The Essential Tools and Foundations DVD

DVD Audios Click here! Laminated Sheets Click here! The Art of Compassionate Connections DVD: The Essential Tools & Foundations Scott presents the primary tools that he has developed over the past ten years.  This DVD includes Scott working with two couples whose issues are common, demonstrating essential practices. This is for anyone who wants to [...]