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Welcome to Compassionate Connections

About Scott

Thank you for visiting my web site & exploring what I have to offer to you!

I enjoy my work immensely, as it brings me the greatest joy to help others to be fulfilled. We all want to have better relationships! These tools can save marriages, or help new relationships build a solid foundation.

Scott and his Beloved Partner Corinna travel throughout the world, leading workshops and retreats. They specialize in supporting “Purpose Driven Couples” to live balanced and harmonious lives together.

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I recall that during a Love Coach training that you were working with a couple that were ready to throw away and dissolve their relationship. It was quite apparent from their interchange with each other that they absolutely couldn’t stand each other. I thought to myself that no one can help this couple find love for each other. Yet, you were able to bring them into empathy with each other, help them understand each others needs, and before the session was over they were hugging again! You are a Master – Scott!
Steven Vogue

Scott is a masterful guide in the intimate realms of the heart. I HIGHLY recommend his workshop for any beloveds who have experienced a loss of love in relationship. You can find the flame again… it’s not lost, it’s only hidden… and Scott can help you to re-discover and re-kindle the flame… or simply help you to keep it burning bright!

Jill, Los Angeles, California

Scott, Words don’t seem to convey the absolute gratitude I feel for having you in my life. Your brilliance today was more than miraculous – you have such an incredible gift! You have most likely, in one session, saved me from years and years of torment. Your compassion has set the tone for the following weeks and months ahead. I know this is only the first step, and there is much work for me in the future. But I am convinced now, more than ever, that this process is the win/win/win I was trying to picture for my family. I am indebted to your service, and I couldn’t possibly come close to thanking you enough.

Robyn, Novato, California

We both feel as if we are soul mates and it seemed as though we might not be able to stay together. After your program we spent a few hours discussing the tools of Compassionate Connections and it opened us both up. We spent hours discussing our current relationship in depth, how much it means to us, and what we can do to take the next step. I feel as if there is another level of relationship available to both of us and working together with this type of communication we can reach that level. Thank you for your work in this area and we are really looking forward to putting this to work in helping us reach that level.

Mark, Georgia

I attended the Compassionate Communication workshop last night and I am just left speechless… Scott Catamas is an amazing teacher. What touched me the most was his compassionate and loving attitude towards each one of us. Everyone in the class received a personal gift to take away from that night and hearing about each others gifts gave everybody the chance to share and learn from each other. Last night made me a better person. How often can one claim that? I wish to share it with the whole world and hope that many people will grab this opportunity to come and join me. THANK YOU!!!

Elen, Las Vegas, Nevada
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