EMMYs and Educational Video Producer

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Scott Catamas has been actively involved with exploring communication and consciousness for his entire adult life.

He is an EMMY award winning writer and producer, with a long list of credits. He has created hundreds of hours of television programming for HBO, FOX, NBC, UPN, SHOWTIME and national syndication.

As the founder of TNRC PRODUCTIONS and The Educational Theater Company, Scott has reached millions of children & teenagers with programs that educate and enlighten. He co-created a successful performing arts camp at Jane Fonda’s ranch that ran for 11 years, and transformed the lives. During this period of time, Scott produced and wrote over 100 original stage and television productions on the issues that teens deal with; the television productions led to multiple EMMY awards & were broadcast on PBS

Scott Catamas has won multiple EMMY awards as a writer, producer and director of educational television. He has created hundreds of original productions that have been performed live and/or broadcast nationally over NBC, HBO, SHOWTIME, FOX, UPN, etc.

Scott was initially hired by the Center for Nonviolent Communication to produce a series of videos about this work. Over a 5 year period, Scott traveled with Marshall Rosenberg (the founder of NVC) and Robert Gonzales (the President of the Board of Directors). During this time, Scott learned directly from these two masters, while shooting over 100 hours of video and editing it into several products.

Scott started teaching in 2002, and has led hundreds of classes and workshops throughout the U.S. During this time, he has become a popular teacher and his events continue to expand. He has recently been invited to teach throughout Europe and Asia. Working as a Coach and Teacher has become Scott’s full time occupation. He has privately coached over 500 singles, couples, families and small businesses.

Scott hosted a weekly radio show on the UNITY CHURCH network. You can download free archives by going to www.Unity.fm/Program/CompassionateCommunication .