Shuchi’s Ascension

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Two weeks ago, my Beloved Shuchi and I were enjoying life to the fullest in seemingly good health.  Then her headaches started, and she began to lose her balance.  She refused to go see a doctor all week; but after not feeling well enough to go out on Thanksgiving, she agreed to go on Friday morning (Nov. 25).

I loaded her into a bed in the back of our van and as I prepared to drive her, she looked at me so lovingly and blew me a kiss.  That was the last time she had conscious connection with anyone.  (BIG SIGH)  By the time we got to the hospital, her spirit had left her body.  The Hospital was very responsive and immediately scanned her brain where they discovered a catastrophic tumor.  The Doctors and Neurologists predicted that she had 24-48 hours to live.

I want everyone to know that I had been divinely prepared to receive this shocking news.  For two months, I had been getting downloads from above that Shuchi might be leaving this world.  I never spoke to her about it, but there were many whisperings in my ears that helped prepare me for this.  When I got the news from the doctors, I didn’t go into denial or “hope for a miracle”.  It confirmed what I had been hearing in my head for some time.

Friends began to arrive at the hospital, and seven Beloveds stayed there all night with us.  On Saturday, they released Shuchi to Hospice Care at our home.  On Saturday Night, over 50 friends came over to pray for her.  A dozen stayed all night and we had a nonstop vigil going on.

Shuchi was born on July 28th, and loved the number 28.  Sure enough, she waited until just after Midnight and at 12:12 A.M. on Nov. 28th, she took her last, sweet breath.  It was a very gentle passing, graceful and elegant.  SO SHUCHI.  There were a dozen friends present, many of whom are professional musicians and we sang to her spirit for hours:  THANK YOU SHUCHI, WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU.  Seven women then washed her body, anointed her, and she looked ever so radiant.  Her eyes remained open & she glowed.

Our beloved Dogs Krishna and Bubuli also stood vigil with Shuchi, during this entire experience. They have been constant companions and sources of great love & healing for Shuchi and I. They are both lying next to me as I write this letter. Krishna has been quite sad as he understood what was happening. In his loyalty, he often stayed on the bed with Shuchi, despite it’s temperature (which was very cold, as we had packs of dry ice around her body to keep her cool). That’s the brief history of her passing.


I felt inspired to post these events as they occurred on Facebook.  I fully understand that initially some of my friends thought it was inappropriate and I respect those opinions.  But this experience has led to thousands of posts, comments and shares.  I have received hundreds of personal emails and messages and 99% are thanking me/us for sharing the experience.

This has traveled the world, and yet the experiences and responses are quite similar. This includes a new vision for death, a greater appreciation for community, and a greater sense of connection.

I knew Shuchi for 22 years, and we were best friends since 2001.  I always believed that she was from the Angelic Realm, and now I know it to be true.  People all over the world are having visitations from her, in different ways.  She is available to anyone who opens their heart / mind / consciousness to receive her and her gifts of love and ONENESS.  She and I were among the very people to bring DEEKSHA / THE ONENESS MOVEMENT to Hawaii and California.  In 2005, We spent 5 weeks at THE UNIVERSITY OF ONENESS in India and had private audiences with Sri Bhagavan Kalki and his Wife and Partner Amma.  She longed for ONENESS and loved to bless others with Oneness Blessing.

Now she is blessing us in a very deep and profound way. Many of our friends have had visitations, channelings and deep connections with her Spirit. Even Facebook readers who never met her have had experiences of Shuchi coming to them!   I believe that she is helping to lift the veil of illusion that separates us from divine remembrance of our unity with all.

Personally, I am feeling very humbled. Shuchi and I were always a bit competitive with each other, in a fun and playful way. She has taken an enormous leap forward and I wish to “raise myself to a higher level” of heart consciousness and Oneness. I don’t intend (or wish) to leave my body; I love the earth, my dogs, my friends and my dharma of teaching & coaching. Shuchi’s sudden passage has opened a doorway to a new level of consciousness for myself…..and, if you wish, for YOU as well.

Of course, this is my perspective. It has been reaffirmed and supported by experiences that trusted friends of mine have also had. In the past 12 hours, 3 different friends have privately shared with me direct contact they have had with Shuchi’s spirit. I respect and trust each of these friends, and they all have the same messages: “We are all here to awaken she is available to help us with our Divine Remembrance”.

This morning, our Beloved friend Kutira in Maui received another message from Shuchi:

“Focus on a small point of light in your body and let this small point expand, become bigger and let the light fill up your entire being. You can start from the 3rd chakra or any chakra that you can attune with right now. You may even like to pulse the light with the rhythm of your breath. Stay with this of a little while and explore where your light connection will transport you. Remember there are no walls, no limit only your love and light.”

Thank you Kutira and others for sharing your connection with Shuchi.  I enjoy everyone’s responses and comments, and will do my best to read them all and to respond back to you.  Please be patient with me as I am a bit overwhelmed with all the connections and feedback.

Over the next few months, I am going to write a book about my lessons learned with Shuchi and we will also put together a Memorial CD of her poetry (which are in themselves DIVINE TRANSMISSIONS).  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a part of this extraordinary experience.  I honor each of you as a unique emanation of the Eternal Beloved.  May your path in life be filled with GRACE.

I wish to close with three of my favorite photos of Shuchi.  The first two are pictures that really captures her Angelic essence.  The third was NOT photoshop-ed.  We found one end of a rainbow and took this picture.  May you receive her blessing on the “other end” of the rainbow!